Fire & Smoke Escape

It's hard to imagine the chaos and confusion during a house or apartment fire. There's just no time! One minute everything is normal...and the next it's difficult to see or even breathe, let alone to escape. No doubt you already have smoke alarms in the house, perhaps a fire extinguisher or two as well. But a Fire Escape Smoke Hood for each person will give 30 minutes of clean air, the Thermo-Gel Homeowners Kit can render your home fireproof...these are equally important. Small investments to save lives, valuables, and even your home in a fire emergency.


Fire Escape Smoke Hood 30 Minutes of Air

We’ve been looking for quite some time to find a safe, reliable, effective and affordable smoke hood for emergency use in a fire…one that offers sufficient filtered air for escape, protection against toxic gasses, and is flame resistant. We’ve found it in the ASE30 Fire Escape Smoke Hood.

Retail Value: $89.98

HE-USA Price: $72.50

Thermo-Gel Fire Protection Kit

If a neighboring house fire or a wildland fire threatens your home, would you rather wait for a busy fire department – which, in suburban and rural areas could be a long wait - or protect and save your house and belongings yourself? Just coat the house (including windows) with Thermo-Gel using a simple garden hose, and fire won't harm it. And after the threat passes, even several hours later, you can wash it off with the same garden hose.

Retail Value: $330.00

HE-USA Price: $299.50

Fire Blanket With DuPont Retardant

Another excellent emergency preparation product, this 62" x 80" Fire Blanket can be used in 3 different ways: 1. to smother a small fire 2. to wrap around someone whose clothing is on fire 3. to wrap around yourself during escape from a fire Fire Blanket has been treated with DuPont X-12 to retard flames and is compliant with the Federal Flammable Fabrics Act, CS 191-53. Retardancy is guaranteed for 10 years. As with most fire retardant fabrics however, repeated laundering will affect the ability to retard flame. With fire and other life...

Retail Value: $76.95

HE-USA Price: $56.50

Digital Carbon Monoxide Monitor

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends that every home have a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm to protect against deadly carbon monoxide leaks.

Retail Value: $59.99

HE-USA Price: $44.50

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